Linodes Leather Jazz Shoe Slip On for Girls and Boys (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

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Product Description


Linodes Leather Jazz Shoe Slip On (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) is specially made for jazz dance and gymnastics.

The upper material is soft leather and the lining material is texile, which is both comfortable and durable.

The heel is flat and light with split sole design which can offer a great support and grip for dancers.

This shoe is well designed and made with high quality material, which is comfortable, flexible and durable for ladies to dance or have other sports.









Size and Heel to Toe of Linodes Jazz shoes:

7M Toddler— 5.5 inches/140mm

8M Toddler— 5.83 inches/148mm

8.5M Toddler— 5.98 inches/152mm

9.5M Toddler— 6.3 inches/160mm

10.5M Little Kid— 6.6 inches/168mm

11M Little Kid— 6.77 inches/172mm

11.5M Little Kid— 6.93 inches/176mm

12M Little Kid— 7.09 inches/180mm

12.5M Little Kid— 7.24 inches/184mm

13M Little Kid— 7.4 inches/188mm

13.5M Little Kid— 7.64 inches/194mm

1M Little Kid— 7.76 inches/197mm

1.5M Little Kid— 7.99 inches/203mm

2M Little Kid— 8.11 inches/206mm

2.5M Little Kid— 8.27 inches/210mm

3M Little Kid— 8.46 inches/215mm

3.5M Big Kid— 8.62 inches/219mm

4M Big Kid— 8.78 inches/223mm

4.5M Big Kid— 8.94 inches/227mm

5M Big Kid— 9.1 inches/231mm

5.5M Big Kid— 9.25 inches/235mm

6M Big Kid— 9.45 inches/240mm

6.5M Big Kid— 9.6 inches/244mm

7M Big Kid— 9.76 inches/248mm


How to Measure

To help you find your perfect size, we have a method below:

1.Put your bare foot on a sheet of paper;

2.Draw two lines at the place of Heel and Toe;

3.Measure the length between the two lines;

4.Find your size in standard size table based on your measurement.

Upper Material

85% Nylon/15% Spandex



PU Leather



Ballet Dance


Ballet Drawstring Topline & Suede Sole

Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance


Ballet Pink & White

Black & Brown

Nude, Pink & Black

Nude, Pink & Black

Ballet Pink, White, Black & Brown


Toddler, Big/Little Kid & Adult

Big/Little Kid & Toddler

Toddler, Big/Little Kid & Adult

Toddler, Big/Little Kid & Adult

Toddler, Big/Little Kid & Adult

Leather Upper Materials
Leatherette Lining Materials
Velvet Outsole Materials
Flat Heel
Gymnastics and jazz

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